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Why Santa won’t Climb down YOUR Chimney this Christmas

It’s been a hot one this year, for sure. But you’ve probably already run into it - either by Social Media or in passing casual conversation - but you, as much as you don’t want to think about it.


Christmas is just-over 120 days away. We’ve already blitzed through two-thirds of the year!


But let’s not put a downer on it - Christmas and the festive season are great fun, especially if you’ve got a young family eagerly awaiting Santa and his gifts.


Do you have a chimney that Santa would climb down? Look and see.


Imagine jolly-old Santa trying to squeeze through all that soot and build-up - heaving presents behind him. You don’t want him to get stuck, do you?


In all seriousness, though, the winter months are a time where using a wood-fired fireplace can both be an enjoyable novelty as well as a pleasant addition to heat your home.


But you don’t want to fire up the kindling only to smoke-out your entire house. CSL have some advice to avoid that.


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Firstly, we highly suggest you get the chimney swept if build is not to severe. Usually homes closer to contemporary, the fireplaces weren’t used as much as older era homes so on average they are easier to clear if they done regularly.


But if that isn’t the case, and you’re either looking to renew your fireplace or bring one up-to usable standard; you’ll probably encounter varying degrees of soot, dirt and dust build-up - even if the chimney has stainless steel lining.


Now cleaning your chimney liner is something you can do yourself - with an extendable brush of appropriate size, an additional, smaller brush; a ladder and an outdoor vacuum it’s quite manageable. But if the build-up is off several years - even over decades - then you’ll need more intensive care that a professional chimney specialist can provide.


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Now understandable this will cost money - considering it’s a difficult job when it’s this severe - but it’ll pay for itself in the long run. Experts usually will employ special cleaning agents to breakdown creosote - which is a byproduct of wood-or-coal burning that occurs as a brown oily substance - which effectively binds a lot of soot and dust together.


Not only is clearing this arduous its also a health hazard that needs to be dealt with carefully. This ultimate prevents Creosote Fires that can cause significant house fires.


But lets not bring things down - these solutions are readily available and, if you choose to use them then you won’t have a care in the world when it comes to sparking up a warm fire this winter.


Along with that added benefit - Santa won’t have to stain his red suit visiting you this Christmas. Click here for more detail.